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Fighting for you on Leicestershire County Council!

The Liberal Democrats are the lead opposition on Leicestershire County Council. Our job is to scrutinise the Conservative administration to ensure that the right decisions are being made for the people of Leicestershire.

Our councillors work hard all year round, keeping in contact with residents and being ready to help with any issues or concerns they might have.

The Leicestershire Liberal Democrat Group

Fighting for you at County Hall

Recent updates

  • Street Lights
    Article: Jul 4, 2014

    The local Liberal Democrats have been raising concerns over cuts to street lighting across the County, especially in urban areas. With over £0.7m cut so far by turning lights off after midnight there are now concerns that a further £1m of planned cuts could leave some places without lighting altogether. Nightfall can come as early as 5pm during winter evenings, so evening street lighting is a particular priority.

  • School Dinner
    Article: Jul 2, 2014

    Liberal Democrats on Leicestershire County Council have praised the Council for its work towards delivering free school meals across the County from next September. The policy, announced by the DPM Nick Clegg last year, followed recommendations from the "School Food Plan" that free school meals would lead to improvements in health, attainment and social cohesion. The free meals are expected to save the average family £417 per year.

  • Barwell campaigners Cllrs Mathew Hulbert, Charlotte Green and David Gould campaiging to keep Library provision in Barwell
    Article: Jun 30, 2014

    A petition has been set up calling on Leicestershire County Council to withdraw the threatened changes to Barwell Library.

    Liberal Democrats in the village have set it up so local people can express their dissatisfaction at the proposed changes which would mean no longer having professional librarians running it and it would cease to be funded by the County Council.

  • Steve Webb
    Article: Jun 30, 2014
    By Steve Webb in Liberal Democrat Voice

    For decades, successive Labour and Conservative governments allowed the state pension to decline after Margaret Thatcher broke the 'earnings link' in 1980. The nadir of this was in the Labour years, when Gordon Brown increased the state pension by just 75p a week.

    I was determined that the Liberal Democrats would do something about this appalling situation. In our manifesto in 2010 we campaigned on a 'triple lock' guarantee. This was a commitment that the pension would rise by whichever rating was highest in each year - by earnings, prices or 2.5%.

  • Petition: Jun 23, 2014

    Please sign the following petition:

    "We the undersigned are concerned by plans to cut a further £1m to street lighting which is likely to leave some areas of Leicestershire with no street lighting whatsoever. We urge the Conservative County Council to make savings by introducing modern technology; the more widespread use of energy efficient LEDs, centralising controls and greater flexibility; so that there will continue to be a safe level of street lighting across Leicestershire."

  • EU Flag
    Article: May 28, 2014
    By David Walker - Loughborough

    UKIP have gained votes because the EU is so badly reported. The BBC and the media give space and air time to the wrong people and create the wrong impression.

    The EU has a structure similar to most democratic organisations, with a Civil Service (the Commission), a cabinet (The Council of Ministers) and a Parliament.

    When UK policy is discussed in the media, proposals are usually promoted by Ministers and discussed by journalists and by MPs. The media do not interview the civil servants, quite rightly.

    However when EU policy is discussed in the media we nearly always have an interview with a Commissioner. Many proposals put forward by the commission are rejected by ministers or by the EU parliament, but we still hear about them.

    Please can the media stop interviewing Commissioners, and interview Ministers about the debates in the Council of Ministers, and MEPs about the debates in the EU Parliament.

    Just for once we did hear from an MEP this morning. Stuart Agnew MEP (UKIP) said that he would vote against everything unless it was support for widows and orphans, and then he would abstain. Presumably he would even vote against policies that were in the interest of the UK. We need to know about the potential performance of UKIP!

  • Meals on Wheels
    Article: May 28, 2014

    Lib Dems on Leicestershire County Council have branded proposals to withdraw the subsidy for meals on wheels delivered to elderly people as a thoroughly bad idea. Leicestershire County Council delivers approx 350 meals across the County each day. Residents currently pay a daily charge of £3.25 towards the full cost of £5.90. The Conservatives plan to cut this subsidy and require users to pay the full price in order to save £300,000 per year.

  • Bill Newton Dunn MEP
    Article: May 28, 2014
    By Bill Newton Dunn

    When Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness were elected as Sinn Fein MPs, they declined to take their seats in the House of Commons or to draw the salaries or generous MP expenses to which they were entitled.

    If UKIP MEPs are serious, they should do the same to the European Parliament.

    Will UKIP MEPs take the salaries and expenses but do nothing while they are there for five years except rack up a huge cost to British tax-payers?

  • U-KIP East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer and team hard at work in the European Parliament again…
    Article: May 7, 2014

    For the first two weeks of this European election campaign, Roger Helmer has been asking people to vote for him to be their MEP. Suddenly, personal ambition has stepped in and he is abandoning his East Midlands voters because he suddenly wants to be the next Newark MP.


    How can his word ever be trusted?

  • MEP Bill Newton Dunn & Phil Knowles at the Green Light Festival
    Article: May 6, 2014

    As the clock ticks down to European Election Day East Midlands Spokesperson Phil Knowles has been out and about in South Leicestershire delivering leaflets, in town centres and coffee mornings, meeting and chatting with as many voters as possible.

    Phil has also been visiting party members at their homes thanking them for their support in delivering leaflets and addressing personalised mailers. In addition Phil and his wife Mags have personally labelled 2000 mailers in under 24 hours.