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Latest News on Rural Broadband

September 25, 2013 4:00 PM

Leicestershire County Council today released a map showing their current expectations for broadband deployments. They stress that it is only a preliminary plan and that changes may be made as work goes on but residents will be pleased to finally see an outline of what is planned.

You can see the map here.

Areas in the dark green patches will see work starting after next summer.
Areas in the light green patches will see work starting the year after.

County Councillor Simon Galton welcomed the release of this information.
"I have had a number of residents asking me when the County Councils' high speed broadband plan will reach them. Although there's going to be quite a long wait for a few of them, it's good to finally see this project progressing.

With more and more public and private sector organisations providing services and information on line, efficient and reliable broadband is becoming a necessity and can't come soon enough especially for people in rural areas where current speeds can be painfully slow."